State Innovation Report

State Innovation Report is a flagship report of the initiative which will help the states in envisioning their future. The research is done on the basis of economic and social indicators at a national and subnational level to take stock of the present state of Indian Innovation.

Linkages between Innovation potential and manufacturing and services sector has also been done and important factors for growth and innovation has been researched and looked into. The report has looked at the evolution of some industries and what and how exactly are the present stakeholders engaged in doing innovation in these industries. It will go on to discuss challenges and opportunities.  The report has also brought out individual state innovation policies that have had a positive impact. Important consideration has been given to look at industries and how they have acquired innovation acumen at a state and national level. Innovation Policy framework has also been part of the report to help the policymakers have a clear vision for leveraging the innovation potential at the state and national level in India.

A State Innovation Index has also been developed which looks at key innovation parameters within the states in India. The purpose of this index is to map the innovation in the states so as to help them learn from each other’s experiences and formulate policies, that will benefit innovation in the Indian context. It is hoped that the report will play an important role in improving the state of Innovation in the Indian Context.


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