Dialogue on Karnataka’s Competitiveness

September 30, 2015 | 07:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Ritz Carlton, Bangalore

For registration and participation, contact[email protected]

India’s competitiveness at present is determined by some critical locations/sectors/issues. The states and cities are the critical building blocks. Diversity and unity of states and the proliferation of Indian cities will fuel the next phase of growth in India. It is vital to understand the developments of the economy in detail and create the required momentum. This dialogue thus strives to bring stakeholders on a common platform to work on enhancing the competitiveness of Karnataka and creating effective policy suggestions.

The dialogue draws conceptual antecedents from the work of the Institute on understanding state competitiveness in India with particular emphasis on innovative capacity in Karnataka. The purpose is also to benchmark the performance of Karnataka with other developing regions in India and help create a roadmap or give suggestions for enabling Karnataka to be a state that fosters innovative activity. These insights will help the policy makers to gain a perspective from the viewpoint of corporates that could enable growth within the state.

The central idea is aimed at –
  • Understanding the fundamental drivers of the economy of Karnataka as a regional entity
  • What policy actions would drive Karnataka to be one of the significant innovation hubs across the world
  • Leverage human capacity of Karnataka to gain an edge over peers i.e., competing locations across the world
  • Gather insights about the gaps in policy and investment that promote innovation and unravel the opportunities that the state offers in the field of innovation
The final deliverable of the dialogue would in the form of a call to action to various stakeholders who affect and are affected by the competitiveness of Karnataka. The contents of the whitepaper will be drawn from the various deliberations that take place during the roundtable. Key insights will then be presented to all the stakeholders so that effective actions may be taken for a more innovative Karnataka.


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